Saturday, April 4, 2015

Little blue pills of courage (getting the story right).

In Bremerton, getting complete and factual news reporting is something to be desired. It's not there, despite many people paying $200 for an annual susbscription to the local newspaper. The one that isn't printed locally, or one that is web hosted, and maintained locally.

Common dust ups in the last few months have concerned thhe accurate location reporting of violent crime. Check out a blog entry by Josh Farley for more information.(

This is important in that there have been several news personalities across the counrty being fired, or suspended for false, and misleading reporting.

In today's instance, the Kitsap Sun is running an article that describes VA Healthcare as, "The VA provides health care to military members who were honorably discharged and fall under certain income levels. CBOCs provide the most common health and wellness services without vets having to visit a larger medical center in Seattle or Tacoma. About 4,100 patients are registered at Bremerton."

No Ed, that's not close. It's misleading, insulting, and very easily to verify what types of care are available. Veterans, who are honorably discharged with service connected disabilities, regardless of income levels, can receive treatment at local clinics and hospital facilities within the VA network. Retirees collecting a pension, working on a second career, already make more money than most newspaper reporters. So define that income level. Is there an Editor of this newspaper that actually fact checks the reporting of news stories prior to publication?

This isn't news, this is slap ass reporting of bad statistics. Obviously, there's some people here who have the same journalistic integrity as Brian Williams. In a military town, this quality of reporting is unacceptable.