Sunday, May 10, 2015

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Could you PLEASE paint some crosswalks and turn lanes.......


Here's yet another instance of poor street maintenance in Bremerton. The left turn lane is pathetic, and further on in to the picture, additional street turn marking are noticeably defficient. Do I dare ask about the pedestrian crosswalks in the area? WHY isn't the city spending any money on infrastructure outside of the Downtown area? Is there really a need to bury power lines, when the REST of the city needs basic infrastructure? If there was a fried chcicken establishment in the area, Dino Davis might actually say something about it.

Have no fear, TBD money will be spent to clear the weeds!!

In the meantime, expect the Sun to possibly report on this incident around Tuesday, even though it was brought to their attention on Friday. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Little blue pills of courage (getting the story right).

In Bremerton, getting complete and factual news reporting is something to be desired. It's not there, despite many people paying $200 for an annual susbscription to the local newspaper. The one that isn't printed locally, or one that is web hosted, and maintained locally.

Common dust ups in the last few months have concerned thhe accurate location reporting of violent crime. Check out a blog entry by Josh Farley for more information.(

This is important in that there have been several news personalities across the counrty being fired, or suspended for false, and misleading reporting.

In today's instance, the Kitsap Sun is running an article that describes VA Healthcare as, "The VA provides health care to military members who were honorably discharged and fall under certain income levels. CBOCs provide the most common health and wellness services without vets having to visit a larger medical center in Seattle or Tacoma. About 4,100 patients are registered at Bremerton."

No Ed, that's not close. It's misleading, insulting, and very easily to verify what types of care are available. Veterans, who are honorably discharged with service connected disabilities, regardless of income levels, can receive treatment at local clinics and hospital facilities within the VA network. Retirees collecting a pension, working on a second career, already make more money than most newspaper reporters. So define that income level. Is there an Editor of this newspaper that actually fact checks the reporting of news stories prior to publication?

This isn't news, this is slap ass reporting of bad statistics. Obviously, there's some people here who have the same journalistic integrity as Brian Williams. In a military town, this quality of reporting is unacceptable.

Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Reviewed

Some major developments happened in the last part of the preceding year. Political and some non-government offices changed hands. Local media outlets, due to low circulation numbers, are desperately attempting to connect with readers and create long term subscribers.

The first part of the year started with some appointed politicians trying to run for full terms, in their appointed capacities. For the most part, the major media outlet continued to beat the drums on a reduced road lanes, dense condo/apt housing, and marijuana distribution. Critics, were more concerned about road construction management, park ramp & sidewalk ADA compliance, and the abuses of the county prosecutor's office. The government responded by allowing city, county, and affiliated organizations employees to target critics, with their blessings.

Let's reflect on that. That's people paid by citizens and membership dues to target people with dissenting opinions. We could begin with email communications where these people made all sorts of demeaning remarks about people asking for documents under public disclosure requests. That would follow with city employees attempting to silence people, while acting out of order, in many official public meetings. The standout instances included a city council member throwing his weight around, a city clerk making racial slurs/and threatining attending voters, and a business organization leader using member resources to conduct an anonymous campaign against dissenting opinions, on local news media websites.

However, when enough people started to complain, through document requests, both the councilman and clerk have not been as threatening as before. Once unmasked and exposed for not maintaining a website, an NGO official resigned his position, and retreated from anonymous attacks on social media and news media outlets.

Starting a few years back, online forum members (anonymous and of public stature) have nurtured discussions, which have directly impacted many former office holders. That's one mayor, some city employees, two county commissioners (resignation, appointed lost election), and a prosecutor finally removed by election, by the voters, or organizational membership.

Perhaps, it's starting to sink in that voters will, at some point, vote out and remove people who have repeatedly attempted to stifle public scrutiny and attack those with a dissenting viewpoint.

So here's to the departed folks, like Mike Strube, Josh Brown, Linda Streissguth, and Russ Hauge. You're out. And maybe it's time to look at reconfiguring local news media editorial boards. Because these people were repeatedly endorsed, and yet recalled by the voters, and organizational members.

As Charlie Daniels is fond of posting this daily on Facebook, let's all make every day count!

Happy New Year!!!