Thursday, July 3, 2014

Not Necessarily The News...

A continuing trend in Bremerton, is to only publish entertaining instances of crime in the city, and to omit the more violent ones. Are you getting a good value for your $250 @ year newspaper subscription?

The Kitsap Sun deserves to be in the spotlight for absolutely awful reporting on public safety issues.

In the past year, it has marginalized reporting on property crimes and stolen vehicles. Additionally, when  reported, some instances only are disclosed on the blogs. For some reason, it's news when there's a car crash, or a drunk driver. Pictures will be posted on Facebook, but only in select cases. A drunk senior deputy prosecutor (with TWO DUI's), and a distracted (and possibly intoxicated) mayor causing a three car chain reaction accident, that's just not front page material.

Recently, they gave a laundry list of excuses as to WHY a violent assault case wasn't covered in Mannette. But a more salacious story of two intoxicated persons engaging in a sex act, in a public park, a straw poll favoring Russ Hauge, and today, spitting on a police officer, is more relevant and newsworthy.

By the way, a Bremerton elementary school was broken into, and vandalized THREE times in the past week. Not a peep from the Kitsap Sun.....