Monday, June 16, 2014

Where The Sun Doesn't Shine........

June has been another difficult month for David Nelson and the Kitsap Sun.

Objective and timely reporting seem to be lacking again, and well, David started to cover his ass with a recent blog posting.

In a post for Josh Farley, once again, Nelson lays out WHY the Sun didn't cover another incident of alleged violent assault in Bremerton. 

For those keeping track, this is a major criticism of the city. Nelson's entry reads more like a press release by a lawyer, posing as a journalist. Curiously, this entry is NOT under his Editor's Desk blog. So as an objective exercise, one has to question if this was a corporate parent blog entry. But let me summarize and make my points as we go.

From the start, there are two questions asked, along with a paragraph about "legitimate criteria", how and when they can collect information from authorities. Nelson is unable to name the reporter, or when they learned of the story. It's just one big generalization, along with an acknowledgement that some will see this as an excuse. Well it might help matters to name the reporter in question and provide a real timeline of reporting.

But Nelson dismisses the entire process as "unfounded allegations". That doesn't line up with how cases are investigated. As the Q13 report stated, they took statements, established a timeline, and made an arrest. Following that arrest, the case was sent to the juvenile division for review. At some point, the defendant was arraigned and charged in a juvenile level court. Additionally, the Q13 report summarized the Judge's decision by saying the prosecution "didn't prove their case".

My interpretation of the Q13 reports are that they are critical commentary on another blown prosecution case, by the office in which Russ Hauge currently occupies. As the Sun has repeatedly endorsed Hauge for elected office, I openly question the objectivity in reporting this case. 

Next up are the 5 excuses as to why the story didn't meet criteria for publication. That's checking police reports, jail rosters, police news releases, community snitches, and hanging out with the police scanner. That's not hard as all of this information is just a few clicks away. Yet Nelson characterizes these things as "time-consuming" because reporters must sift through redacted incident reports, and cruise Facebook frequently. What a rough job!

He closes with his "value judgement", of the person reporting the assault. Of course that person was a willing participant in the coverage of her story, she believed that she had been attacked.


The real story here is the non reporting of news by the Kitsap Sun, and Nelson's unwillingness to publish this under his own blog.

And for the complainers that I "ramble" too much, this is HALF the length of Nelson's excuses.

Taking in to consideration those five criteria for publishing crime reports, I then have to ask AGAIN, why Patty Lent's multiple car pileup wasn't front page news, featured prominently on Facebook, and only mentioned on the blogs? Furthermore, why did it take more than month to get a citation at municipal court. Apply that to the non reporting on the SECOND DUI arrest of a Kitsap County Senior Deputy Prosecutor, and publication of a Starbucks hit piece on Todd Best. Why? Because Peppermint Patty and Boss Hauge are politically endorsed and favored by the Kitsap Sun.

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