Monday, June 16, 2014

N00b Strube News....

I'm getting closer to unmasking more and more of the community government officials that troll the online comments at the website.

As many of my readers might know, I used to comment there very frequently. My principal critics have been, and always will be public officials and their government advocacy followers that administrate various groups, like the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce.

So, an obvious one should be Nate Grey/Dave F/Dave in WA.

Yep, that's Mike Strube, of the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce going after government critics with false and misleading names.

Regular readers of my (then) comments on Bremerton concerned the ongoing problems of violent assaults, sex offenders, dilapidated housing (two houses overlooking the Manette Bridge), drug needles, and the unacceptable conditions of the pedestrian crosswalks in the city. especially the ones near the public schools. Why does it take more than FOUR months to get a guardrail replaced on the Warren Avenue Bridge?

I'm not the only one that he's done a hack job on, check his comments out on Todd Best.

Here's an example. The money losing SEEFilm Complex in downtown Bremerton. Both the Sun and Strube regularly talked about how instantly the downtown would be more livable and thriving with another movie theater. To date, there has been no in depth reporting on the actual sales and attendance statistics for this project since it was opened.

Why hasn't the Sun ever done a story to answer the questions surrounding this project?

Has it ever come close to the actual projects? Is it currently profitable? 

And why all of a sudden have I chosen to nail Strube? Because in addition to all of his anti-criticism campaign, he's supposed to run the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce website! Which was down for about a week until he renewed the domain name.

Great work there Butters........

Update: I have one comment from an associate of Mike Strube, his real estate buddy. I'll respond by stating my comments were involved with getting a new police chief for Bremerton (Pajama Girl), the ousting of several office holders (intoxication, apathy, and not showing up for the job). I've got a track record on the financial irregularities in the SK schools, school crosswalks in Bremerton, along with disability access and sanitary conditions in the Bremerton city parking lots. Long term readers know that I got my start back in 2009 on the failed iniative tax levy for the homeless, after Josh Brown bankrupted the Veteran's Fund, by diverting the money for employee (supervisor) COLA raises. Notice that Josh has resigned.

My point in this post, is that rather than doing the business of advocacy for Bremerton Chamber of Commerce Members, Mike Strube is an anonymous hatchet job going after government critics. He does so with the blessing of the administrator's of the Kitsap Sun. Here's a public government advocate acting in the same manner, as private anonymous critics, just to antagonize and marginalize them. Certainly, he does not address the criticism of government. He responds with more of the same, Straw Man arguments, and Ad Hominem attacks.

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  1. I am an observer of online discussions, which brings me to the question: Do you ever post solutions? I'm not saying you don't, but I've read many of your postings in the Sun and I'd be interested to see some examples of your serious, practical solutions to the myriad of problems in Bremerton you opine upon.
    I sincerely hope you are not a person that only knows how to complain. For all I know, (your handle does not reveal who you are) you are very involved in local causes and perhaps a uber productive local saint. I sincerely hope the latter is the case, and that you are not simply a pain in the ass.