Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bremerton: The Whitewash continues.....

Back on the 14th of last month, it was reported that the mayor was involved in a "minor" traffic wreck on a Wednesday lunch break.

A discussion and a quotation of driving regulations followed that in the comments. The story is NOT behind a paywall.

This has two interesting areas of discussion. 1. Patty Lent still hasn't had a court date assigned to municipal court for causing a 3 car collision. 2. Where would the traffic fine money be sent to.

A search of shows that Patty Lent has no known court date, or that a case has actually been filed. She currently is still allowed to use the drive-thru at Starbuck's....

In a previous job, I did have to escort an individual to this traffic court for a similar type of accident back in the mid-2000's. That person had a restricted license, $500+ in fines and court costs in the end of that incident. They had a summons within 10 days.

Here we are in March and nothing. I'd like to see a local media outlet actually do some real reporting on this issue. A 3 car chain reaction collision is just as serious and newsworthy, if two car collisions are reported every day as news, or lead stories on a media website.

What is missing is the disclosure of that police report. If you were a local official in Port Orchard, or a school board member in the northern part of the county, your police report would be posted online as news. Patty didn't have her city provided smartphone. That would've indicated her previous location. Nobody as asked if she was given a field sobriety test. Nobody seems to care she was driving a electric car traveling at a high rate of speed. Because it pushed another into another car. One car traveling fast with an inattentive driver, rear ended the car in front of it, and that car was launched into yet another car. That's THREE cars. And she was traveling pretty fast because she pushed a FORD MUSTANG into another car. Check the specs on Patty's electric and the mustang. There's no credible excuse in not having her perform a field sobriety test, with a breathalyzer. This was not a MINOR collision.

The second part of this should be self explanatory, if one has read the recent stories in the Bremerton Patriot. There's several stories looking at the allocation and collection practices of the city with regard to traffic/parking fines and how the money is being questionably spent.

There are a lot of dedicated citizens openly questioning the quality of work on the Pacific Ave road construction. Perhaps, that should be channeled towards the municipal court judge and the city attorney, who are currently failing the city. This is an election year, and there are administrative voter remedies to remove these officials from their positions. Please consider those options.

Here's yet another example. Check the municipal court calendar for Valentine's Day and President's Day. They had a FOUR day weekend, with a lot of them only putting in a half day on Thursday. Some wonder why non residents consider Bremerton to be a half-assed city....... Kinda obvious......