Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Bremerton Beatdown

I'm often accused of not having any socially redeeming qualities by the frosted flakes running the city of Bremerton. I've been commuting through and to Bremerton since 2007. That's SEVEN years of crappy infrastructure and non-compliance with the ADA by the city. Add on the violent crime rate, and half-assed code enforcement. That should give you an idea why businesses and consumers avoid the city. 

Spending and shopping traffic patterns are already set with Gig Harbor and Silverdale doing most of the commercial business, not Bremerton. No worries, stand by for PILOT tax increases and raised car tabs in the next year.

Here's TWO more pictures of construction vehicles blocking access for the Kitsap Transit buses and riders. The construction traffic does not yield to the buses. They obviously park in the operating areas for the buses. Just ask Peppermint Schnapps Patty about the infrastructure and safety in the area. She recently caused a three car pileup, with the local media outlets choosing not to cover it. Or barely mention it on a blog.

Don't bother contacting Dino Davis, with regard to pedestrian safety, or issues with ADA compliance. You'll be informed not to contact him, look in his direction, because he has better things to do. Let me spell it out for you. Dino, you are an official government representative. Please start acting like one.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Sun ain't shining in Bremerton.....

In the last year when a local media outlet went to paid access, it has gone to great lengths to silence anonymous dissent that is pointedly critical of Bremerton and the county government.

Critically expressed opinions on the physical/mental fitness of elected, appointed, and classified employees of various government organizations is not tolerated. When questionable statistics, and more opinion based journalism is marketed as news, people tend to respond critically.

One notices that there are various forms of acceptable payment for other media subscriptions, such as prepaid debit cards. Nope, they aren't "set up to handle that". So there's a short story on why you might not see me for awhile on that site. There's been several departures inthe newsroom and administration in the past two years, and I expect further changes this year.

Here's yet another convergence of Bremerton and county government failing to keep the public safe. Our own transit system, at a transfer station within the Bremerton city limits. My since deleted comment history regularly took issue with pedestrian crosswalk safety, government facilities that are below acceptable standards under the ADA, and the epidemic of used intravenous drug needles plaguing our community.

Well here's the current snafu, these are pictures of the Kitsap Transit transfer center, off of Wheaton Way, from Thursday. Please note the heavy and unsafe construction obstructions, unsecured dumpster, and the lack of supervised pedestrian/vehicle safety.

If your local news media outlet has the actual intestinal fortitude to contact me, please do so through community activists Robert Parker and Bob Buck. There's more coming, and I will be starting a focused blog with a weekly wrap up on public safety construction projects in Bremerton. This edition of the Bremerton Trainwreck is brought to you, because of the boozing, dope smoking, overweight McDonald's focus of the Sun.