Friday, August 8, 2014

Pop Tart Puffery

If your one of those people that thinks the use of the term "Peanut Gallery", is an acceptable term for use in a public meeting setting, we need to have a talk. Particularly, if you find the use of the word Negro offensive.

At a recent Bremerton City Council meeting, the City Clerk, Shannon Corin, used this term in addressing members of the public in attendance.

So I'm asking if the city clerk has the power to address the public, regulate it's behavior, or allowed the use of derogatory language. 

The peanut gallery is a term for cheap seats dating back to the vaudeville period of entertainment. Two types of people were in these seats, the poor, and non whites. That's correct, Shannon used an offensive term to address the public. This is considered common knowledge, the stuff that's taught in history and political sciences classes at the college level.

The latest copy of the council rules and procedures.

"8. The City Clerk: The City Clerk, or duly authorized representative, shall attend all business meetings of the City Council and maintain a permanent journal of its proceedings. All votes shall be recorded by calling the names of each member on a positional rotation basis with Council President’s vote called last." (Pg 10).

"3. Public Recognition: Any member of the public shall have the right to address the Council and the Mayor on issues not on the Agenda. No member of the public shall engage in discussion or comment which a) is obscene, indecent or libelous; b) promotes the sale of products, or services; c) promotes any lottery or contest which offers prizes dependent in whole or in part upon lot or chance. It is suggested that questions from the public posed to the Council that cannot be answered at the Council meeting should be put in writing in order to receive a written response from the appropriate party or parties within a reasonable time. Letters addressed to City officials will not be read in Public Recognition unless an exception is granted by Council President based upon exceptional circumstances. Argumentative Rebuttal is not permitted during Public Recognition." (Pg 10).

"2. Courtesy: All speakers, including Council members, during comments, discussion or debate of any issue, shall address their comments to the Council President with courtesy and proper deportment. Comments shall not contain personalities, derogatory remarks or insinuations toward any member of the Council, Staff and Public, but shall be confined to facts that are germane and relevant to the issue." (Pg 8).

Stick with me here, because the last part is very important. This is a legislative body having a meeting with public interaction under Robert's Rules of Order. Nowhere, does it state that a city employee has discretionary powers to address the public, or to regulate their behavior.

Paragraph 8 is rather explicit in the duties of the clerk. She is to sit in attendance and record. 

Paragraph 3 states the manner and language the public will utilize when addressing the council, or mayor. The public has the same standard of conduct, just as the clerk, because they are attending a meeting. There is to be no argumentative conduct, or the use of indecent language.

Finally, there is an explicit paragraph which stresses courtesy to all persons present, with no derogatory remarks.

I conclude that the city clerk has engaged in derogatory conduct, using indecent language, and her actions are clear example of remarks that are not permitted in each article presented. She uses offensive and derogatory language, and did not display the required courtesy. 







Thursday, July 3, 2014

Not Necessarily The News...

A continuing trend in Bremerton, is to only publish entertaining instances of crime in the city, and to omit the more violent ones. Are you getting a good value for your $250 @ year newspaper subscription?

The Kitsap Sun deserves to be in the spotlight for absolutely awful reporting on public safety issues.

In the past year, it has marginalized reporting on property crimes and stolen vehicles. Additionally, when  reported, some instances only are disclosed on the blogs. For some reason, it's news when there's a car crash, or a drunk driver. Pictures will be posted on Facebook, but only in select cases. A drunk senior deputy prosecutor (with TWO DUI's), and a distracted (and possibly intoxicated) mayor causing a three car chain reaction accident, that's just not front page material.

Recently, they gave a laundry list of excuses as to WHY a violent assault case wasn't covered in Mannette. But a more salacious story of two intoxicated persons engaging in a sex act, in a public park, a straw poll favoring Russ Hauge, and today, spitting on a police officer, is more relevant and newsworthy.

By the way, a Bremerton elementary school was broken into, and vandalized THREE times in the past week. Not a peep from the Kitsap Sun.....

Monday, June 16, 2014

N00b Strube News....

I'm getting closer to unmasking more and more of the community government officials that troll the online comments at the website.

As many of my readers might know, I used to comment there very frequently. My principal critics have been, and always will be public officials and their government advocacy followers that administrate various groups, like the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce.

So, an obvious one should be Nate Grey/Dave F/Dave in WA.

Yep, that's Mike Strube, of the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce going after government critics with false and misleading names.

Regular readers of my (then) comments on Bremerton concerned the ongoing problems of violent assaults, sex offenders, dilapidated housing (two houses overlooking the Manette Bridge), drug needles, and the unacceptable conditions of the pedestrian crosswalks in the city. especially the ones near the public schools. Why does it take more than FOUR months to get a guardrail replaced on the Warren Avenue Bridge?

I'm not the only one that he's done a hack job on, check his comments out on Todd Best.

Here's an example. The money losing SEEFilm Complex in downtown Bremerton. Both the Sun and Strube regularly talked about how instantly the downtown would be more livable and thriving with another movie theater. To date, there has been no in depth reporting on the actual sales and attendance statistics for this project since it was opened.

Why hasn't the Sun ever done a story to answer the questions surrounding this project?

Has it ever come close to the actual projects? Is it currently profitable? 

And why all of a sudden have I chosen to nail Strube? Because in addition to all of his anti-criticism campaign, he's supposed to run the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce website! Which was down for about a week until he renewed the domain name.

Great work there Butters........

Update: I have one comment from an associate of Mike Strube, his real estate buddy. I'll respond by stating my comments were involved with getting a new police chief for Bremerton (Pajama Girl), the ousting of several office holders (intoxication, apathy, and not showing up for the job). I've got a track record on the financial irregularities in the SK schools, school crosswalks in Bremerton, along with disability access and sanitary conditions in the Bremerton city parking lots. Long term readers know that I got my start back in 2009 on the failed iniative tax levy for the homeless, after Josh Brown bankrupted the Veteran's Fund, by diverting the money for employee (supervisor) COLA raises. Notice that Josh has resigned.

My point in this post, is that rather than doing the business of advocacy for Bremerton Chamber of Commerce Members, Mike Strube is an anonymous hatchet job going after government critics. He does so with the blessing of the administrator's of the Kitsap Sun. Here's a public government advocate acting in the same manner, as private anonymous critics, just to antagonize and marginalize them. Certainly, he does not address the criticism of government. He responds with more of the same, Straw Man arguments, and Ad Hominem attacks.

Where The Sun Doesn't Shine........

June has been another difficult month for David Nelson and the Kitsap Sun.

Objective and timely reporting seem to be lacking again, and well, David started to cover his ass with a recent blog posting.

In a post for Josh Farley, once again, Nelson lays out WHY the Sun didn't cover another incident of alleged violent assault in Bremerton. 

For those keeping track, this is a major criticism of the city. Nelson's entry reads more like a press release by a lawyer, posing as a journalist. Curiously, this entry is NOT under his Editor's Desk blog. So as an objective exercise, one has to question if this was a corporate parent blog entry. But let me summarize and make my points as we go.

From the start, there are two questions asked, along with a paragraph about "legitimate criteria", how and when they can collect information from authorities. Nelson is unable to name the reporter, or when they learned of the story. It's just one big generalization, along with an acknowledgement that some will see this as an excuse. Well it might help matters to name the reporter in question and provide a real timeline of reporting.

But Nelson dismisses the entire process as "unfounded allegations". That doesn't line up with how cases are investigated. As the Q13 report stated, they took statements, established a timeline, and made an arrest. Following that arrest, the case was sent to the juvenile division for review. At some point, the defendant was arraigned and charged in a juvenile level court. Additionally, the Q13 report summarized the Judge's decision by saying the prosecution "didn't prove their case".

My interpretation of the Q13 reports are that they are critical commentary on another blown prosecution case, by the office in which Russ Hauge currently occupies. As the Sun has repeatedly endorsed Hauge for elected office, I openly question the objectivity in reporting this case. 

Next up are the 5 excuses as to why the story didn't meet criteria for publication. That's checking police reports, jail rosters, police news releases, community snitches, and hanging out with the police scanner. That's not hard as all of this information is just a few clicks away. Yet Nelson characterizes these things as "time-consuming" because reporters must sift through redacted incident reports, and cruise Facebook frequently. What a rough job!

He closes with his "value judgement", of the person reporting the assault. Of course that person was a willing participant in the coverage of her story, she believed that she had been attacked.


The real story here is the non reporting of news by the Kitsap Sun, and Nelson's unwillingness to publish this under his own blog.

And for the complainers that I "ramble" too much, this is HALF the length of Nelson's excuses.

Taking in to consideration those five criteria for publishing crime reports, I then have to ask AGAIN, why Patty Lent's multiple car pileup wasn't front page news, featured prominently on Facebook, and only mentioned on the blogs? Furthermore, why did it take more than month to get a citation at municipal court. Apply that to the non reporting on the SECOND DUI arrest of a Kitsap County Senior Deputy Prosecutor, and publication of a Starbucks hit piece on Todd Best. Why? Because Peppermint Patty and Boss Hauge are politically endorsed and favored by the Kitsap Sun.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bremerton: The Whitewash continues.....

Back on the 14th of last month, it was reported that the mayor was involved in a "minor" traffic wreck on a Wednesday lunch break.

A discussion and a quotation of driving regulations followed that in the comments. The story is NOT behind a paywall.

This has two interesting areas of discussion. 1. Patty Lent still hasn't had a court date assigned to municipal court for causing a 3 car collision. 2. Where would the traffic fine money be sent to.

A search of shows that Patty Lent has no known court date, or that a case has actually been filed. She currently is still allowed to use the drive-thru at Starbuck's....

In a previous job, I did have to escort an individual to this traffic court for a similar type of accident back in the mid-2000's. That person had a restricted license, $500+ in fines and court costs in the end of that incident. They had a summons within 10 days.

Here we are in March and nothing. I'd like to see a local media outlet actually do some real reporting on this issue. A 3 car chain reaction collision is just as serious and newsworthy, if two car collisions are reported every day as news, or lead stories on a media website.

What is missing is the disclosure of that police report. If you were a local official in Port Orchard, or a school board member in the northern part of the county, your police report would be posted online as news. Patty didn't have her city provided smartphone. That would've indicated her previous location. Nobody as asked if she was given a field sobriety test. Nobody seems to care she was driving a electric car traveling at a high rate of speed. Because it pushed another into another car. One car traveling fast with an inattentive driver, rear ended the car in front of it, and that car was launched into yet another car. That's THREE cars. And she was traveling pretty fast because she pushed a FORD MUSTANG into another car. Check the specs on Patty's electric and the mustang. There's no credible excuse in not having her perform a field sobriety test, with a breathalyzer. This was not a MINOR collision.

The second part of this should be self explanatory, if one has read the recent stories in the Bremerton Patriot. There's several stories looking at the allocation and collection practices of the city with regard to traffic/parking fines and how the money is being questionably spent.

There are a lot of dedicated citizens openly questioning the quality of work on the Pacific Ave road construction. Perhaps, that should be channeled towards the municipal court judge and the city attorney, who are currently failing the city. This is an election year, and there are administrative voter remedies to remove these officials from their positions. Please consider those options.

Here's yet another example. Check the municipal court calendar for Valentine's Day and President's Day. They had a FOUR day weekend, with a lot of them only putting in a half day on Thursday. Some wonder why non residents consider Bremerton to be a half-assed city....... Kinda obvious......

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Bremerton Beatdown

I'm often accused of not having any socially redeeming qualities by the frosted flakes running the city of Bremerton. I've been commuting through and to Bremerton since 2007. That's SEVEN years of crappy infrastructure and non-compliance with the ADA by the city. Add on the violent crime rate, and half-assed code enforcement. That should give you an idea why businesses and consumers avoid the city. 

Spending and shopping traffic patterns are already set with Gig Harbor and Silverdale doing most of the commercial business, not Bremerton. No worries, stand by for PILOT tax increases and raised car tabs in the next year.

Here's TWO more pictures of construction vehicles blocking access for the Kitsap Transit buses and riders. The construction traffic does not yield to the buses. They obviously park in the operating areas for the buses. Just ask Peppermint Schnapps Patty about the infrastructure and safety in the area. She recently caused a three car pileup, with the local media outlets choosing not to cover it. Or barely mention it on a blog.

Don't bother contacting Dino Davis, with regard to pedestrian safety, or issues with ADA compliance. You'll be informed not to contact him, look in his direction, because he has better things to do. Let me spell it out for you. Dino, you are an official government representative. Please start acting like one.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Sun ain't shining in Bremerton.....

In the last year when a local media outlet went to paid access, it has gone to great lengths to silence anonymous dissent that is pointedly critical of Bremerton and the county government.

Critically expressed opinions on the physical/mental fitness of elected, appointed, and classified employees of various government organizations is not tolerated. When questionable statistics, and more opinion based journalism is marketed as news, people tend to respond critically.

One notices that there are various forms of acceptable payment for other media subscriptions, such as prepaid debit cards. Nope, they aren't "set up to handle that". So there's a short story on why you might not see me for awhile on that site. There's been several departures inthe newsroom and administration in the past two years, and I expect further changes this year.

Here's yet another convergence of Bremerton and county government failing to keep the public safe. Our own transit system, at a transfer station within the Bremerton city limits. My since deleted comment history regularly took issue with pedestrian crosswalk safety, government facilities that are below acceptable standards under the ADA, and the epidemic of used intravenous drug needles plaguing our community.

Well here's the current snafu, these are pictures of the Kitsap Transit transfer center, off of Wheaton Way, from Thursday. Please note the heavy and unsafe construction obstructions, unsecured dumpster, and the lack of supervised pedestrian/vehicle safety.

If your local news media outlet has the actual intestinal fortitude to contact me, please do so through community activists Robert Parker and Bob Buck. There's more coming, and I will be starting a focused blog with a weekly wrap up on public safety construction projects in Bremerton. This edition of the Bremerton Trainwreck is brought to you, because of the boozing, dope smoking, overweight McDonald's focus of the Sun.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fat, Drunk, & Stupid....

"Neither “negro” or the other “N-word” are considered acceptable anymore, but one was never neutral."

1. There's the use of Negro, in a section of music known as "Negro Spirituals." There's worldwide foundations, festivals, and this art form has it's own section on iTunes. Academically, this music is taught in several music history and appreciation classes at universities across the country. Go ahead, and Google that. 

2. Organizationally, the word is used in the United Negro College Fund, Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (Kansas City). Strike One....

3. There are several people who embrace the use of the word.  Some examples would include Vincent J. "Vinny" Del Negro, and Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez.  A retired NBA player/coach, and a world famous Cuban drummer and percussionist.

But my main beef with Steve Gardner, is that if he's going to make an academic argument, using history, it needs to be one of high quality. Some call that using "peer reviewed" sources. I usually call this the Bucket of Chicken style of news reporting. 

Slate, isn't one of those kind of sources, and it hasn't been around long enough to be one. 

The NYT, has had one scandal after another for this type of reporting. Search Google, again, for plagiarism and retractions in the Times. That's Judith Miller on Valerie Plame, Jayson Blair, and most recently, Paul Krugman.

Slate, has it wrong. " the mid-1980s, even the most hidebound institutions, like the U.S. Supreme Court, had largely stopped using Negro."

Negro, as in United Negro College Fund, filed a brief with the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, in August, 2012. Fisher  V University of Texas at Austin.

Strike Two.....

What I'd like to see is a more balanced newsroom and editorial board at the Kitsap Sun. From what I see and read, it's mostly White.

Strike Three. 

It's time to stop writing about legalized marijuana, along with bars and booze at the Bremerton Ice Rink, and SEEfilm Cinemas. When  a newspaper can't adequately report on the stewardship of taxpayer funds, by the schools, it has NO business deciding what words are acceptable in the schools. Just change the name of the publication to Fat, Drunk, & Stupid...