Thursday, October 24, 2013

I should've had a V8.....

At some point, there has to be an authority in our local government to say, "Okay, this is as far as we can go". Because this isn't an example of a gross misdemeanor charge.

We a have a senior deputy prosecutor arrested for a second DUI charge since 2007.

This time, she drove into incoming traffic, with two small children in her car, and caused serious damage to another person's car. And all parties required medical attention.

This person should be held to the highest standards of personal and professional conduct, because of her position of trust. I don't have a problem with a gross misdemeanor charge, but she needs jail time and an in patient treatment program.

Here's my thoughts:

1. Plead guilty. She does 45 days in confinement, no exceptions, or time off for good behavior.

2. Driver's license revoked for a minimum of one year, and all vehicles in her household are fitted with interlock devices. And she goes inpatient to the county rehab program. No one is above the law, and she will set the example.

3. There will be a social worker evaluating her ability to care for her children. As a senior level person, she should be accountable to child endangerment charges. This is the responsibility of the local judges and her boss, Hauge, to do this. They should be setting an example too.

Some people might say that this is an extreme and unsympathetic viewpoint. I prefer to say that this has dragged on too long and that lives are being unnecessarily risked due to improper behavior. Other alternatives that should be on the table, should something similar to these things not happen, would include a recall election for the elected office holder, a series of state level complaints, and a request that she be be disbarred.

But most important, if you see her driving at any time, call the police...

Friday, October 18, 2013

New Starbucks at Dick's City Hall........

Considering the poor appearance and sanitary conditions throughout the city, HOW the hell is it relevant that a political candidate has been banned from Starbucks?

Or more pointedly, how is it that ANY city official has any time in the business day to be at Starbucks?

Here's the same message I've had, again, for the last THREE years. 

The streets aren't properly maintained. There's been a car tab. The street painting has only been a priority for nine months. Yet the mayor's term is for four years. What has the mayor done about the streets prior to that period? Well, she'll roll the fire trucks out to power wash the streets when somebody complains about government, and writes with chalk on the sidewalks. Could we use the the truck to power wash away those dilapidated houses houses that the "Bremerton Tourists" see as they arrive by the ferry?

This Starbucks crap is what it is, CRAP!!

Take a good look at that reporting pool of Starbucks journalists? No, make that the sedentary Starbucks journalists.

As this is a commercially sponsored post, try the NEW Peppermint Patty Latté. For each Peppermint Patty Latté purchased, Starbucks will donate TWO cents to the Nick Wofford and Faye Flemister Kick the Can and Name that Street Fund.

The city's next plan is to line the streets with holiday lights made from recycled drug needles. Feitlebaum.....

Monday, October 14, 2013

Terms of Preferential Service....

I've checked out on posting to a local "news" website. Due to ongoing harassment by an individual in South Kitsap, I will no longer comment, or subscribe. The editor stated this morning that it was a list of deleted comments and a cancelled subscription. Not true. I was a digital subscriber. I wished to use prepaid cards and the address for Wrigley Field. After several solicitation calls from the circulation department asking me to be a print subscriber (name and address), I've declined, and my account has been closed.

For those of you familiar with the person I'm talking about, that means an endless barrage of texts, emails, etc., when there is a disagreement. And that person has a documented history of harassing behavior in the local courts and making "unsustainable" charges in open court.

This person will engage in the same behavior with me, should that person learn my identity. That coupled with a shady pay-for-commenting scheme, which isn't "equal time" oriented, has made me want to spend my money in other forums.

My comments are not positive. They have gotten results. Crosswalk safety, drug use, violent crime, and the irresponsible behavior of public officials are serious issues. With my entire comment history being deleted, that site acts as enabler for poor government administration.

If the crime was under control, the streets were maintained, and the books were really balanced in the local government and schools, I wouldn't have anything to comment about. Just a thought.