Monday, May 20, 2013

The Continuing Case of the South Kitsap Sock Puppet...Part Duh...

Here's the latest breakdown and response by paragraph, of the latest rambling of the SKSP. Responses are in plain text.

From the SKSP:

"Part of the reason I stepped up to run for office was to engage the conversation about our K-12 priorities, finances, and strategic road ahead. Unfortunately, continuing to try to do so within the Kitsap Sun comment areas just isn't worth it at this point. Being subjected to incessant anonymous snipping, intentional misinformation, constant ad hominem attacks, and just plain disingenuous bullying just isn't worth the upticks in blood pressure or unintentionally fanning their flames (no pun intended)."

 The record reflects differently.  This isn't the first time the SKSP has lashed out. For the newcomers, and recent transplants to Kitsap, this has been going on well before 2008. I believe the case is: 

Simpson, Kathryn Jane Petitioner Kitsap District Y8-001955 04-25-2008

I'll say it again, the Judge found the claims to be unsubstantiated an unsustainable. If one were to look at the comment section of the article, she continues her pattern of conduct. So her conduct of TOS violations of the Kitsapsun online comments have been of a longer history and with no penalty for making "unsustainable" charges.

"The paywall isn't going to clean up the dialog by itself. The Kitsap Sun needs to seriously consider going the way of the Wall Street Journal, Sound Publishing, and others... who require people to own their words and the consequences of their words when they use the Kitsap Sun's resources!
So, I'm done for awhile."
Again, this is the broken record of the SKSP. Here's a blog entry at the Sun blog site, when it was uncovered that another local figure could have been creating sock puppet comment accounts as well.  Scroll down to comment 14. Yep, it's the SKSP again.
"If I see Ducky or Countingthepennies posting in a comment section between now and Labor Day, I'm just not going to bother participating. Go ahead guys, 'lick it first' (referring to a VW commercial like this one... and the story is all yours to continue to anonymously bash those of us willing to step up, own our words, and engage the difficult conversations with citizens, staff, and students who have real names and real interest in forward progress."
Here's a PROMISE. Keep this up, and I will post the ENTIRE court transcript of that hearing in this area. I'd remind people to to search for Mary Colborn and Hank Mann Sykes and the SKSP. That's a track record of abuse by power of elected office. Granted, it's an unpaid position, but it's the idea that anonymous commenting is the boogeyman. Which lines up well with the claims in the court case and many blog postings. She's unable to discern criticism, from actual threats.
"There is plenty of free internet space out there for creating their own anonymous train wrecks. Allowing these individuals to continue to post here after they violate the Kitsap Sun's terms of service several times each month, without giving them a time-out, is just enabling their antisocial behavior."
Okay, here we have an example of a publicly elected official attempting to pressure a publicly held company into following her wishes. Okay, what's going to happen if they don't follow your whims and desires? Are you going to sue them too? I'd give you some site stats. In two days there were 83 hits for the previous entry on the SKSP. That, coupled with the election filings, means that there are some people running to change things. I see that as a positive thing. I'll close with one example. I've asked repeatedly, only to have my comments removed, as to the spending of local tax levy money. Several deleted comments have dealt with diverting local tax levy dollars to fund employee salaries, instead of the intended purposes. This has been denied. People who regularly follow my comments, they know I've raised similar concerns with the diversion of funds from the Kitsap County Veteran's Fund. Go ahead and Google that. Well thanks to the Port Orchard Independent, here's a quote from the SKSD School Board President. " Every time the state has had to cut, your board and district has taken on the extra responsibility,” Lemke said. “We have 170 employees we’re paying out of levy dollars." Read more at: 
"Anyone who has a sincere question about something for which I have some expertise is welcome to send me a personal message via the Kitsap Sun or find me on facebook. I will be keeping my digital subscription because local news (real news) is important to me as a citizen."
Well I'd like to thank Mr. Lemke for staying on topic and being honest about the process in the ongoing events with the budget. But I think it's important to state that this has been a long, and ongoing period of more than 7 years of poor leadership. Curiously enough, the local media published this piece back in 2008, just under FIVE years ago.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bremelo 911: Reckless and Drunk drivers from Bremerton....

You may have read that there's been a series of accidents in the Central Valley Road area of unincorporated Central Kitsap. With the exceptions of a young adult being struck by a Bremerton driver, and one Silverdale resident, it appears to be the popular route with early morning drunk drivers
from Bremerton. My question, how many incidents will it take before the county sheriff will start "DUI 
Emphasis" patrols?

I've yet to see local news coverage of any court charges, since the young adult was struck by the Bremerton driver. Our County Prosector, Russ Hauge, must be terribly busy.

The local news media have been suspiciously quiet about these cases because they supported the recent ballot initiative to make hard liquor easier to purchase. Because passage, they argued, would provide stiffer penalties for alcohol related offenses, and more money for patrols.

What's the attitude towards this from local law enforcement and the courts? Well, there's two sets of rules. The ones for government and public figures, mean pretrial diversion, and fines. Followed by an expunged record upon completion of a probationary period. There's a track record of names if one does the research. And as other commenters have said, Bremerton provides a lot of these problems. 
Even the new BPD Chief has stated that these "Frequent Fliers", are a drain on local law enforcement

How many more will die, or be struck because of reckless driving, before the sheriff and prosecutor get interested?

Friday, May 17, 2013

South Kitsap Sock Puppet

There's an individual that I frequently disagreed with over at the That individual and I have debated, and rather forcibly, the justification of local spending of taxpayer levy funding. That individual, at about 90% of the time, responds with a logical/illogical, emotional appeal, or a straw man fallacy. That's usually followed with an ad hominem attack, or playing the victim card, when the SK Sock Puppet wishes to no longer debate the spending policies and priorities of the district.

I'm at a loss as to why she continues to communicate with the public.

There's an interim superintendent of the district that doesn't live in the county, and is receiving car mileage and maintenance, along with a with a $50 @ month smartphone. These things are written into her contract as "stipends". That's clearly a way to sidestep reporting requirements and not to operate in a transparent manner with tax dollars. Additionally, she's eligible to collect 120 days of full retirement pay. If that's not double dipping I don't know what is...

There's semi regular remarks with food references. Something usually like, "The Kitsap Sun is a business that was giving away some of their product as glorified free samples. Do you also feel disenfranchised by Costco when they stop giving away free samples of your favorite snack?"

What I understand is that the district is going through a massive round of layoffs, after a heavy levy request. Was there a justifiable need for that much of a maintenance and operations levy, if there was going to be such a great number of layoffs? And as the district has 40% of the residents as "low income", how is it that the administrators should be having these fringe benefits, when more than a third of the district can't afford a car, or a BASIC cellphone?

I'm truly at a loss for words, because in other school districts the superintendent, or the school board president speaks for the system. She's no longer the president, and has stated she isn't running for re-election. As I said before, it's a fallacy based exchange/response pattern, that degrades itself into ad hominem attacks and blaming the state for a lack of proper funding. If it's not that, it's a food reference. Behold! Worship and obey the words of the South Kitsap Sock Puppet, and pass that bucket of fried chicken to me.

If the state did properly fund public education, would there be less days of hot dogs, corn dogs, hamburgers, and pizza on the school menus?

Enjoy your Friday. I'm sure the Bremelo 911 advisories will be interesting to recap....

Thursday, May 16, 2013

1st Post

Greetings. This will be the comment space for my thoughts related to local news coverage of Kitsap County. Some of you are looking for Ducttape01. That's me, a former online commenter at the I used to comment about local county government, schools, public safety, and all things related to the worst city in Washington, a town known as Bremerton. Well not really, I just use "train wreck" style commentary to voice my displeasure with it's government. I use nicknames to affectionately describe some very loathsome officials and public figures. You'll see names like Peppermint Patty and the Pop Tart Administration, Brown Clowns, Pajama Girl, Snorting Orton, South Kitsap Sock Puppet, Hauge Wild, and Logical Bacon Eaters. Additional names will be created as needed.

I'm of the opinion that there's a lot of crime in Kitsap originating from Bremerton. I summarize and expand on the weekly 911 Section stories concerning Bremerton criminals, the Frequent Fliers. Comments will be, and only be directed at poor performing, and behaving public officials & public figures. Look for a heavy dose of satire and sarcasm in the posts to follow. So enjoy your Thursday, it's going to get very bumpy around here.