Sunday, May 10, 2015

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Could you PLEASE paint some crosswalks and turn lanes.......


Here's yet another instance of poor street maintenance in Bremerton. The left turn lane is pathetic, and further on in to the picture, additional street turn marking are noticeably defficient. Do I dare ask about the pedestrian crosswalks in the area? WHY isn't the city spending any money on infrastructure outside of the Downtown area? Is there really a need to bury power lines, when the REST of the city needs basic infrastructure? If there was a fried chcicken establishment in the area, Dino Davis might actually say something about it.

Have no fear, TBD money will be spent to clear the weeds!!

In the meantime, expect the Sun to possibly report on this incident around Tuesday, even though it was brought to their attention on Friday. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Little blue pills of courage (getting the story right).

In Bremerton, getting complete and factual news reporting is something to be desired. It's not there, despite many people paying $200 for an annual susbscription to the local newspaper. The one that isn't printed locally, or one that is web hosted, and maintained locally.

Common dust ups in the last few months have concerned thhe accurate location reporting of violent crime. Check out a blog entry by Josh Farley for more information.(

This is important in that there have been several news personalities across the counrty being fired, or suspended for false, and misleading reporting.

In today's instance, the Kitsap Sun is running an article that describes VA Healthcare as, "The VA provides health care to military members who were honorably discharged and fall under certain income levels. CBOCs provide the most common health and wellness services without vets having to visit a larger medical center in Seattle or Tacoma. About 4,100 patients are registered at Bremerton."

No Ed, that's not close. It's misleading, insulting, and very easily to verify what types of care are available. Veterans, who are honorably discharged with service connected disabilities, regardless of income levels, can receive treatment at local clinics and hospital facilities within the VA network. Retirees collecting a pension, working on a second career, already make more money than most newspaper reporters. So define that income level. Is there an Editor of this newspaper that actually fact checks the reporting of news stories prior to publication?

This isn't news, this is slap ass reporting of bad statistics. Obviously, there's some people here who have the same journalistic integrity as Brian Williams. In a military town, this quality of reporting is unacceptable.

Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Reviewed

Some major developments happened in the last part of the preceding year. Political and some non-government offices changed hands. Local media outlets, due to low circulation numbers, are desperately attempting to connect with readers and create long term subscribers.

The first part of the year started with some appointed politicians trying to run for full terms, in their appointed capacities. For the most part, the major media outlet continued to beat the drums on a reduced road lanes, dense condo/apt housing, and marijuana distribution. Critics, were more concerned about road construction management, park ramp & sidewalk ADA compliance, and the abuses of the county prosecutor's office. The government responded by allowing city, county, and affiliated organizations employees to target critics, with their blessings.

Let's reflect on that. That's people paid by citizens and membership dues to target people with dissenting opinions. We could begin with email communications where these people made all sorts of demeaning remarks about people asking for documents under public disclosure requests. That would follow with city employees attempting to silence people, while acting out of order, in many official public meetings. The standout instances included a city council member throwing his weight around, a city clerk making racial slurs/and threatining attending voters, and a business organization leader using member resources to conduct an anonymous campaign against dissenting opinions, on local news media websites.

However, when enough people started to complain, through document requests, both the councilman and clerk have not been as threatening as before. Once unmasked and exposed for not maintaining a website, an NGO official resigned his position, and retreated from anonymous attacks on social media and news media outlets.

Starting a few years back, online forum members (anonymous and of public stature) have nurtured discussions, which have directly impacted many former office holders. That's one mayor, some city employees, two county commissioners (resignation, appointed lost election), and a prosecutor finally removed by election, by the voters, or organizational membership.

Perhaps, it's starting to sink in that voters will, at some point, vote out and remove people who have repeatedly attempted to stifle public scrutiny and attack those with a dissenting viewpoint.

So here's to the departed folks, like Mike Strube, Josh Brown, Linda Streissguth, and Russ Hauge. You're out. And maybe it's time to look at reconfiguring local news media editorial boards. Because these people were repeatedly endorsed, and yet recalled by the voters, and organizational members.

As Charlie Daniels is fond of posting this daily on Facebook, let's all make every day count!

Happy New Year!!!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Pop Tart Puffery

If your one of those people that thinks the use of the term "Peanut Gallery", is an acceptable term for use in a public meeting setting, we need to have a talk. Particularly, if you find the use of the word Negro offensive.

At a recent Bremerton City Council meeting, the City Clerk, Shannon Corin, used this term in addressing members of the public in attendance.

So I'm asking if the city clerk has the power to address the public, regulate it's behavior, or allowed the use of derogatory language. 

The peanut gallery is a term for cheap seats dating back to the vaudeville period of entertainment. Two types of people were in these seats, the poor, and non whites. That's correct, Shannon used an offensive term to address the public. This is considered common knowledge, the stuff that's taught in history and political sciences classes at the college level.

The latest copy of the council rules and procedures.

"8. The City Clerk: The City Clerk, or duly authorized representative, shall attend all business meetings of the City Council and maintain a permanent journal of its proceedings. All votes shall be recorded by calling the names of each member on a positional rotation basis with Council President’s vote called last." (Pg 10).

"3. Public Recognition: Any member of the public shall have the right to address the Council and the Mayor on issues not on the Agenda. No member of the public shall engage in discussion or comment which a) is obscene, indecent or libelous; b) promotes the sale of products, or services; c) promotes any lottery or contest which offers prizes dependent in whole or in part upon lot or chance. It is suggested that questions from the public posed to the Council that cannot be answered at the Council meeting should be put in writing in order to receive a written response from the appropriate party or parties within a reasonable time. Letters addressed to City officials will not be read in Public Recognition unless an exception is granted by Council President based upon exceptional circumstances. Argumentative Rebuttal is not permitted during Public Recognition." (Pg 10).

"2. Courtesy: All speakers, including Council members, during comments, discussion or debate of any issue, shall address their comments to the Council President with courtesy and proper deportment. Comments shall not contain personalities, derogatory remarks or insinuations toward any member of the Council, Staff and Public, but shall be confined to facts that are germane and relevant to the issue." (Pg 8).

Stick with me here, because the last part is very important. This is a legislative body having a meeting with public interaction under Robert's Rules of Order. Nowhere, does it state that a city employee has discretionary powers to address the public, or to regulate their behavior.

Paragraph 8 is rather explicit in the duties of the clerk. She is to sit in attendance and record. 

Paragraph 3 states the manner and language the public will utilize when addressing the council, or mayor. The public has the same standard of conduct, just as the clerk, because they are attending a meeting. There is to be no argumentative conduct, or the use of indecent language.

Finally, there is an explicit paragraph which stresses courtesy to all persons present, with no derogatory remarks.

I conclude that the city clerk has engaged in derogatory conduct, using indecent language, and her actions are clear example of remarks that are not permitted in each article presented. She uses offensive and derogatory language, and did not display the required courtesy. 







Thursday, July 3, 2014

Not Necessarily The News...

A continuing trend in Bremerton, is to only publish entertaining instances of crime in the city, and to omit the more violent ones. Are you getting a good value for your $250 @ year newspaper subscription?

The Kitsap Sun deserves to be in the spotlight for absolutely awful reporting on public safety issues.

In the past year, it has marginalized reporting on property crimes and stolen vehicles. Additionally, when  reported, some instances only are disclosed on the blogs. For some reason, it's news when there's a car crash, or a drunk driver. Pictures will be posted on Facebook, but only in select cases. A drunk senior deputy prosecutor (with TWO DUI's), and a distracted (and possibly intoxicated) mayor causing a three car chain reaction accident, that's just not front page material.

Recently, they gave a laundry list of excuses as to WHY a violent assault case wasn't covered in Mannette. But a more salacious story of two intoxicated persons engaging in a sex act, in a public park, a straw poll favoring Russ Hauge, and today, spitting on a police officer, is more relevant and newsworthy.

By the way, a Bremerton elementary school was broken into, and vandalized THREE times in the past week. Not a peep from the Kitsap Sun.....

Monday, June 16, 2014

N00b Strube News....

I'm getting closer to unmasking more and more of the community government officials that troll the online comments at the website.

As many of my readers might know, I used to comment there very frequently. My principal critics have been, and always will be public officials and their government advocacy followers that administrate various groups, like the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce.

So, an obvious one should be Nate Grey/Dave F/Dave in WA.

Yep, that's Mike Strube, of the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce going after government critics with false and misleading names.

Regular readers of my (then) comments on Bremerton concerned the ongoing problems of violent assaults, sex offenders, dilapidated housing (two houses overlooking the Manette Bridge), drug needles, and the unacceptable conditions of the pedestrian crosswalks in the city. especially the ones near the public schools. Why does it take more than FOUR months to get a guardrail replaced on the Warren Avenue Bridge?

I'm not the only one that he's done a hack job on, check his comments out on Todd Best.

Here's an example. The money losing SEEFilm Complex in downtown Bremerton. Both the Sun and Strube regularly talked about how instantly the downtown would be more livable and thriving with another movie theater. To date, there has been no in depth reporting on the actual sales and attendance statistics for this project since it was opened.

Why hasn't the Sun ever done a story to answer the questions surrounding this project?

Has it ever come close to the actual projects? Is it currently profitable? 

And why all of a sudden have I chosen to nail Strube? Because in addition to all of his anti-criticism campaign, he's supposed to run the Bremerton Chamber of Commerce website! Which was down for about a week until he renewed the domain name.

Great work there Butters........

Update: I have one comment from an associate of Mike Strube, his real estate buddy. I'll respond by stating my comments were involved with getting a new police chief for Bremerton (Pajama Girl), the ousting of several office holders (intoxication, apathy, and not showing up for the job). I've got a track record on the financial irregularities in the SK schools, school crosswalks in Bremerton, along with disability access and sanitary conditions in the Bremerton city parking lots. Long term readers know that I got my start back in 2009 on the failed iniative tax levy for the homeless, after Josh Brown bankrupted the Veteran's Fund, by diverting the money for employee (supervisor) COLA raises. Notice that Josh has resigned.

My point in this post, is that rather than doing the business of advocacy for Bremerton Chamber of Commerce Members, Mike Strube is an anonymous hatchet job going after government critics. He does so with the blessing of the administrator's of the Kitsap Sun. Here's a public government advocate acting in the same manner, as private anonymous critics, just to antagonize and marginalize them. Certainly, he does not address the criticism of government. He responds with more of the same, Straw Man arguments, and Ad Hominem attacks.